European Cannabinoid Therapy Association

The European Cannabinoid Therapy Association (ECTA) is a non-governmental organization established for helping medical cannabis patients and providing them with all the necessary resources for an informed choice regarding medical cannabis therapy.

Our mission

  • Giving a comprehensive, scientifically valid and useful information to all who are interested in medical cannabis therapies
  • Uniting European patient associations who can offer guidance to patients in their native countries
  • Organizing educational events and conferences for the divulgence of medical cannabis therapy

Medical Cannabis Basics

Finding the reliable information about medical cannabis use can be a daunting task as there are many sources of conflicting, unreliable and non-scientific information. This section is dedicated to educating patients about the basic concepts of medical cannabis therapeutic use. Learn More >

Medicinal cannabis laws in EU

Different EU countries have different medical cannabis laws, so it is important to know what these laws are in your country. Discover how different EU countries have different medical cannabis laws, rules and regulations. Learn More >


Getting the quality products for your medical needs is essential if you want to have good results. We want to provide you with a selection of quality products, that have been verified and are made with rigorous quality standards. Learn More >

Information for your doctor

Informing your doctor about medical cannabis is important as many doctors have had no formal training on this topic and most of them are unaware that medical cannabis is even an option. Find out how you can educate your doctor on the use of medical cannabis. Learn more >

Directory of patient associations by country

Patient associations have an important role in educating and uniting patients in their native countries. Finding honest and patient oriented organization can sometimes be a difficult, so we have compiled a directory of patient organizations by country. Learn more >

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