Medical Cannabis Information

Medical Cannabis Basics

ECTA wants to provide reliable, easy to understand and practical information about the use of medical cannabis for anyone who is interested in this subject. We especially want to provide patients with all the basic information on how they can implement cannabis therapy in their lives.

We have compiled a selection of reliable sources that will answer all your questions regarding the use of medical cannabis.

EU Medicinal Cannabis Laws

2011 – Danish Medicines Agency approved medical use of cannabis derivatives.

Sativex, Marinol and Nabilone are available on prescription.


From 1st January, 2018 onward, medical cannabis products are available for Danish patients and are handed out from pharmacies and hospitals. This follows a parliamentary vote in December 2017 which approved a four-year trial for access to medical cannabis.

The Danish Medicines Agency has recommended four patient groups that can benefit from medical cannabis: multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, chronic pain, and chemotherapy-induced nausea. However, a doctor is allowed to prescribe medical cannabis to patients with other conditions if it can be professionally justified.

Source: Healthcare Denmark

Currently the Hungarian National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYÉI) has allowed the use of medical cannabis only for sclerosis multiplex diseases (MS).

2011 – The State Institute for Drug Control has enabled medical companies to register drugs that include THC molecules.

Sativex is available for patients.

Growing cannabis for medical purposes is still illegal.


19.6.2014: The Slovenian government reclassified THC from Class I to Class II illegal drugs, allowing the selling of dronabinol, upon prescription, in pharmacies.


24.03.2017 – The plant (cannabis sativa L.), extracts and resin are reclassified from Class I to Class II of illegal drugs
Source: Uradni List

Registered cannabinoid based medicines can be prescribed for patients for the treatment of those diseases for which these drugs are proven effective.

Still waiting for the ministry of health to implement the regulations on which specialist will be able to prescribe medical cannabis for which diseases.

February 2017: The Medical Products Agency(MPA) gave permission to the first two patients to use medical cannabis in the form of Bediol.

The MPA has previously approved Sativex. Marinol is also available but a license is required. A license application must be written by a medical doctor.

Source: MPA’s information

June 2006: The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) authorised Sativex.

Nabilone is available by prescription. Despite being the biggest grower of medical cannabis, the plant is still illegal.

Medical cannabis laws in EU countries are rapidly changing, as we are seeing a rapid increase in countries that are implementing medical cannabis regulations. It is important to know the regulations of medical cannabis in your country.

Information for Doctors

In countries where they have a medical cannabis program, most doctors still do not know much about medical cannabis use or even that they can prescribe it. Most doctors learned about cannabis as an illegal drug and have no training on using it for medical therapy in various diseases. It is important to help them obtain the information they need to feel more comfortable and be more competent on this topic.

We have chosen a selection of trusted sources with reliable information for medical practitioners, where they can get an insight into medical cannabis therapy. This can be of use for getting information to you doctor.

Medical Cannabis Patient Associations

Patient associations are very important as they can give quality information to patients in their native language. Patients can share their experiences, get recommendations and meet other patients with similar problems.

We are aware that not all patient associations give the needed information and in some instances can take advantage of desperate and information seeking patients. That is why we have selected only the verified associations that provide real services to their associates.