Education via Internet



Although the available information on cannabinoids and their associated therapeutic uses has increased dramatically in the last decade, the large majority of medical and therapy professionals are not aware of the developments, or do not have sufficient knowledge of the physiological interactions to make use of it.

The ECTA board feels very strongly on the need for considerable education across all areas of the industry. From producers to care givers, the current level of knowledge is not satisfactory given that many patients are using these compounds to treat various serious conditions, and we feel that any business involved in supplying products high in cannabinoid compounds should have members of staff suitably qualified and trained, to ensure they understand the nature of the compounds, the physiological interactions, the need for consistency, and the inherent responsibility in providing advice on the use of these compounds.

There is an immediate need for several levels of education, particularly to support application of high Cannabinoid products currently legally available and unregulated, but also to support high THC products increasingly being legalised for medical purposes across Europe. The knowledge the ECTA board represents is second to none, amalgamating several education programmes being implemented by several European national health authorities, as well as the first European university course is Cannabinoid Medicine.

Our determination to improve the levels of knowledge in the medical industry will ensure we maintain the highest standards with the most advanced programme, providing the European cannabinoid industry with a leading focal point for education.