GP takes notes




Patient care is the key driving motivation for all the members of ECTA, so we believe strongly in the production of the highest possible product to ensure patients are getting the best treatment possible.

While we embark on our mission to educate the European medical community, we realise that this process cannot happen overnight, and that in the meantime there will still be patients who are seeking robust advice on the best method of application and dosage to get maximum effect from cannabinoid products.

In that regard, ECTA plans to run a patient connect service, where we will provide access as quickly as possible to one of our accredited clinicians or therapists to ensure patients are receiving advice from an accredited professional, armed with knowledge of the latest developments, and with access to our database
of materials.

In the event that a patient is not able to access a suitable therapist or clinician, our team will endeavour to provide the necessary advice on products application and dosage.