Education via Internet



ECTA’s professional membership programme is the most comprehensive available.

Leading the way in providing a full service for practitioners treating patients with cannabinoid therapies. The ECTA programme offers:

  • A medically accredited education programme offering Continuous Medical Education points.
  • Practical seminars providing follow-up practical therapy support to the online theory courses.
  • Workshops that offer a more intensive practical learning experience for small groups to develop on the programme or cover specific topics
  • Quarterly conferences located around Europe offering lectures on latest research, non-clinical trial based patient feedback,  panel Q&A and new technology presentations
  • Patient referral programme, connecting patients to practitioners local to them

We feel that this programme offers great value to medical professionals that want to understand Cannabinoids and their use in therapies, as well as those committed to furthering the development of cannabinoid use in medicine. The membership fees will be used to develop independent plant and efficacy trial based research, and members will have a vote on the direction taken by the research.