Cannabis plants



When consumers use cannabinoid products, the growing, processing and packaging of the product isn’t given much consideration. The reality is that producing a consistent level of phytochemical concentration in a live flowering plant, over thousands of square meters, year after year, isn’t as straightforward as it might seem.

Producers of fruits and vegetables on a commercial scale have extremely tight controls, but they are not tied to a specific phytochemical balance, one that can be affected by many variables, temperature variation, light spectrum, and plant stress to name a few.

The ability to produce medicinal grade cannabis flowers consistently, requires a full understanding of the plant’s physiology and how varying conditions affect both it’s growth and phytochemical balance. ECTA’s executive board contains several members with vast knowledge of the plant’s physiology, and experience in creating the requisite conditions to achieve medical grade consistency.

That knowledge and experience manifests itself in an two all-encompassing monographs, detailing quality control procedures for plant growth, plant treatment, phytochemical balance, laboratory testing, flower processing, extraction, infusion, packaging, labelling storage and distribution.

This means that producers, distributors and patients can have full confidence in all products manufactured under ECTA certification, guaranteeing consistency and quality.