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Quality Control


Quality control is often something that is taken for granted, and with medicine based products there shouldn’t be any room for error. The lack of quality control within the market for Cannabinoid products is one of the major drivers for the formation of ECTA.

Within the ECTA executive team, there are three members who have considerable experience in quality control systems, testing, and in using that to ensure consistent results. That quality controlexperience is coupled with high level knowledge of plant physiology and plant growth, particularly cannabis.

With members of the team assisting government bodies in implementing their quality systems around cannabis production, our certification systems have been borne out of that wealth of experience and knowledge. This ensures that any producer following the ECTA certification will be making and selling cannabinoid products to the highest standards consistently, guaranteeing that consumers and patients can trust in the products they are using to treat their conditions.

The ECTA Quality Control system consists of multiple layers of control and security, with consistent single and double checks with full traceability from seed purchase or clone production right through to the package landing with thedistributor or medical professional.
Our accreditation system doesn’t stop there, we also have a fully comprehensive system that must be adhered to by any therapy professional, ensuring adequate storage, traceability, and patient treatment programme.

The ECTA aim is to ensure patients have the best care and the best products, and our Quality Control systems are a key part of ensuring that producers, distributors and medical professionals not only have sufficient knowledge of cannabinoid physiology, but that they are fully committed to the standards required.