Technical Training

Technical Training


ECTA provide a comprehensive range of educational programmes to suit several different levels of expertise and therapy applications using cannabinoids.

Certified Courses:

Certified CoursesECTA’s industry leading cannabinoid specialists have developed a range of educational programmes that are certified by national medical bodies across Europe, as well as recommended by many professional therapy associations. Our programmes are as follows:


the comprehensive certification suitable for medical doctors and therapy professionals. This course enables medical professionals to confidently treat conditions using cannabinoids, being fully aware of the complete spectrum of interaction cannabinoids have with the human body, as well as the variations resulting from individual physiology.


The intermediate level certification is designed to ensure cannabinoid distributors are aware of production standards and subsequent product quality, as well having a suitable understanding of cannabinoid physiological interactions to responsibly represent the products they represent

The courses are run in two different formats:


To ensure ease of access and flexibility in completion, the courses are available to purchase and complete in your own time online. On completion you will receive your ECTA certificate


If an organisation would prefer the material is delivered in person, with the added benefit of panel question and answer sessions, ECTA can quote for a 2 day seminar